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Halo Beautiful Soul

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  Well Being
Peace of Mind

Halo Sweet Soul,


WE ARE ALIVE! And I gratefully choose life.

The last few years have rocked my world with a wealth of opportunities to learn about nurturing (my own) mental and physical health.

Big Takeaway: the body holds the key to peace of mind.

The body has its own language, its own way of communicating. The most loving thing I am doing (for the whole of me) is learning to “hear” what my body has to say, and how I can best respond, with care. This, in turn, creates peace in my life.

After receiving a stage3 breast cancer diagnosis in July2022, I intuitively knew that I require a whole-human approach to health. Meaning, I see the cancer as the body’s white flag, a symptom of deeper issues. Through this knowing, I sought and continue to seek deeper understanding of the mind-body connection. 

(My health is doing fabulously well while my journey toward a cancer-free body is ongoing.)

The art of Somatics is described as a mind-body approach to life that helps increase body awareness.

For me, establishing a mind-body connection and learning my body’s language provides a path to creating (and sustaining) well-being, peace of mind, and authentic connection.

Synchronistically, my soul sister, Cherie deFer, has been studying and preparing to teach Somatics to the world. This February, she and I are teaming up to offer two, one day immersive workshops, into the world of Somatics.

These one day workshops (choose from two February dates) are designed to help us all navigate the ebb and flow of challenging emotions and situations. 

In a warm, supportive environment:

-          Cultivate tangible tools to enhance mental and emotional well-being

-          Learn the practical benefits of Somatic practice

-          Build your own Somatic practice

-          Walk away with an understanding of the window of tolerance, how the nervous system works, and how to effectively regulate your nervous system when stress strikes.

Because Cherie loves me dearly, she is giving the proceeds from these workshops to support me during my continued cancer care. 100% of the donations collected will go to my treatments.


We look forward to sharing the world of Somatics, with you!

Please consider joining us for these special offerings.

Sunday Feb 4 from 9am - 5pm
Saturday Feb 10 from 9am - 5pm
(Arrive Between 8:30-8:55am)
Yoga Mat, Comfy Clothes, Journal 

The Refuge at Corazón de Oro
Loomis, CA

Yoga Mat, Comfy Clothes, Note-Taking Supplies, Sack Lunch
& a Curious Mind

REQESTED DONATION: $121 (limited space/register early)
If anyone in your life may also benefit from this offer, please pass it along. 

Photo Nov 02 2022, 5 32 55 PM
Photo Nov 02 2022, 5 32 55 PM (4)
Photo Nov 02 2022, 5 32 55 PM (5)
Photo Nov 02 2022, 5 35 05 PM (6)
Photo Nov 02 2022, 5 35 05 PM (2)
Photo Nov 02 2022, 5 37 09 PM (5)
Photo Nov 02 2022, 5 37 09 PM (1)
Photo Nov 02 2022, 5 37 09 PM (6)
White Plants

Secure Your Spot

To secure your spot in this special workshop, please email Bethany with the subject line: I'm in! 


You Can Donate Via Venmo

Please Use the Word "Donation" in the Message Line

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Bethany Crouch: @Bethany888

Thank you to my friends at Russian American Media for their unwavering support and generosity of spirit. 
To learn more about my journey,  please enjoy this recent conversation with Sergey Ivannikov:

Thank you to my friends at Good Day Sacramento for their support during my health journey.

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